Diana – New Trailer That Reflects The Untold Story

In filming a biographical movie about a modern or historical figure, a director has the opportunity to present a new vantage point of the individual in question: to hone in on little known facts, showcase obscure life chapters, craft the “untold story,” as it were. Or, of course, they can just go for broke and recreate all of the spotlit stuff that made the person famous in the first place. The latter choice seems particularly off base in the Princess Diana biopic Diana, considering it was that very material that resulted in the Princess’ undoing, and then death, back in the late 1990s. The new trailer for the picture doesn’t seem to sink its teeth into Diana’s backstory or humanitarian work, but instead just focuses on the juicy stuff: her affair.


And while it would be dishonest to craft a movie about England’s Rose without discussing her untimely passing, making one that seems so vehemently focused on the high-profile romance between her and Dr. Hasnat Khan could tread the line of bad taste. The trailer seems to approach the story hungrily, with the same attitude that the paparazzi upheld in their upheaval of the Princess’ secret in the first place. Of course, we’ll have to see how exactly the film itself handles the delicate material — at least it has Naomi Watts going for it.


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